Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This changelog will no longer be maintained.
To view the latest updates made to the project, please visit
  • Improved server queries for Counter-Strike 2. As a result, statistics should be more accurate and matchmaking servers should be assigned to the correct regions now.
  • Added server profile pages - these pages display more details about a specific server, but also will allow for future customisation. You can access this page by clicking "Info" and then the "View more details" button Example server profile:
  • Improved Source & Goldsrc server queries by supporting newer protocols
  • Various fixes to server queries
The following changes have been made to the website:
  • Added ARMA3 support.
  • Added Black Mesa support.
  • Added Alien Swarm support.
  • Added Ricochet support.
  • Increased update times to every 30 minutes.
  • Statistics are now analysed after every query.
  • Reworked background processing systems to prepare for future scheduler changes
  • Fixed time displays not accounting for UTC timezone
  • Improved statistics rebuilds to take less time to execute
We have moved our systems to newer infrastructure to better support future scaling and features we plan on delivering to SSB.
If you have ideas for things you would like to see added to the project, please don't hesitate to raise them as feature requests!
  • When viewing server info, you can now see player details on the server in realtime. image
Please note: currently there is some caching discrepencies that will be addressed in a future update.
  • Improved locking for background processing jobs for each game, so updates can be processed in parallel. Previously, these would encounter lock contention between other games, causing all games to halt resynchronisation.
  • Improved loading times on the game list page



Homepage Updates

  • Reworked the game stat panels to include game logo, number of servers online and number of players online.
  • Fixed inconsistent font sizes for homepage text
  • Fixed mobile display issues
  • Added Feature Requests & Roadmap links to the navigation bar.